I was inspired to make this necklace by More Design Please and this past snowy Saturday finally motivated me to give it a try. This is a really simple project that produces a rather “wow” and impressive product.

What You Need:

  • Heavy weight thread or string (I’m using quilting thread here)
  • Chain, 2, 7 1/2” pieces (use more or less depending on how long your want your necklace)
  • 2 jump rings
  • 6 bead tips
  • Clasp
  • Beads

What You Do:

1) Cut 6, 10” pieces of thread and string on about 7.5” of beads on each.

    2) Take two bead strands and string one set of ends through one bead tip. Tie a triple knot as close to the beads as you can and close the bead tip over the knot.

    3) Do the same thing at the other end and for the other strands. You’ll end up with 3 double strands with a bead tip at each end.

    Not sure if this helps, but I put a dab of jewelry glue on each knot before closing the bead tip. In my mind it makes the necklace super strong :)

    4) Attach a jump ring to one end of both of the chain pieces.

    5) Hook the bead tips to one of the jump rings, and close the bead tip hooks.

    6) Tape (or somehow secure) the chain to your working surface and braid the bead strands. Note: Scotch tape and wood table do not mix. Some of the table finish may have peeled off with the tape. Whooops!

    7) When you get to the end of the braid, hook the end of bead tips to the jump ring on the other piece of chain. Be sure to hook them in the order the braid ended to maintain the braid.

    Attach a clasp to the ends and finished!

    I’m so in love with this necklace that I’ve worn it 3 days in a row! Next, I plan to make a bracelet using just the braided technique. There are so many cool bead and metal/chain combinations floating around in my head!