1. Bargain: $5 Belt & Expensive Leggings

    Sweater: Ann Taylor, $15 | Long Sleeve T: ?? | Belt: Macy’s, $5 | Leggings: CAbi, $89 (yikes) | Boots: Steve Madden via Amazon, $33

    I wore this outfit to work today. I’m never sure if leggings at work are appropriate. I figure pairing them with a longer top and tall boots makes it A-OK (I hope). Can you believe how much I spent on these leggings? I can’t. I do have to admit, the quality is amazing. The fabric is super thick and never gets stretched out of shape in the knees. Also, you can’t see in these pictures, but they have some cool seaming that makes them look a bit like riding pants.

    This outfit has been my go to outfit this winter for many occasions. Why:

    • It’s a reason to wear what’s my favorite $5 belt as seen here, and here.
    • I love a good cowl neck.
    • This outfit is proof you can wear black and brown together. I’ve never followed this rule and think black and brown actually look great together!
    • It’s super comfortable, almost nearly pajama comfortable.
  2. Bargain: Except Something Here isn’t a Bargain

    Cardigan: Gap, $12 | Shirt:CAbi, $69 (GASP!) | Denim Pants: Ann Taylot Loft, $13 | Shoes: Calvin Klein via Macy’s, $20

    Full disclosure, this top is not a bargain according to my standards! About a month ago I went to a CAbi party. CAbi is a clothing line designed by Carol Anderson who, at one time, had a line of clothing at Nordstorm’s. The “party” is just like a purse, jewelry, or old fashioned tupperware party where you go to someone’s house eat some food, have some drinks, and try on clothes.

    What ends up happening? A bargain hunter like me leaves spending more than I typically would :) I decided to splurge because the quality is really great and you’re getting something a little more unique than the J.Crew shirt you and 300 of your close friends decide to wear on the same day.

    And I couldn’t resist this purplish lace top!

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