1. Bargain: Wide Leg Pant Transformation

    Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft, Gift | T-Shirt: Banana Republic, $4 | Pants: J.Crew, $20 | Necklace, Gift | Shoes: Etienne Aigner via Macy’s, $20

    This outfit is actually from a few weeks ago and I never got around to creating a post. Cardigans over a cute t-shirt is a look I’ve always loved and gravitate towards. I like to think I was way ahead of times in high school when I rocked the now trendy boyfriend sweater cardigans with white v-neck T’s (and red Dr. Martens). Cardigans just call out to me and I can’t say no to them.

    What do I love about this outfit?

    • $4 Banana republic shirt? Yes please! About a month ago I wandered into Banana and these were $8 with an extra 50% off! I bought 3. They’re a perfect soft stretchy material that can be dressed up or down.
    • These classic chinos from J.Crew are about 7 years old and were originally a wide leg. I altered them down to a fitted straight leg, shaving off about 6” in fabric. I’ve been wearing them tons ever since and love them cuffed with heels!
  2. Bargain: Tie-Dye or Animal Print?

    Dress: Ann Taylor, $20 | Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft, $10 | Belt: Kensie via Marshall’s, $3 | Boots: Steve Madden via Amazon, $33

    Ever pull on a new pair of tights for the first time and have your foot go right through the end? No, I didn’t tear through these tights, but apparently bought footless tights. I should have known from the obvious footless picture on the package. Sort of like at the grocery store when I think I’m buying a jar of plain tomato sauce, but when I get home I have a jar of basil/mushroom/meat/garlic/jalepeno sauce. Someone must switch these things on me.

    This dress was an amazing steal at Ann Taylor. The original price was $169 and I picked it up on final sale for $20! I really like the pattern, but am not sure if it’s tie-dye, animal print, or what.

    It’s only Tuesday and I’m already looking forward to the weekend. My husband is a musician (have I mentioned he’s way cooler than I am?) and has two shows with his band this weekend. So, lot’s of fun to come with good music, family, and friends. Check them out if you want!

  3. Bargain: $5 Belt & Expensive Leggings

    Sweater: Ann Taylor, $15 | Long Sleeve T: ?? | Belt: Macy’s, $5 | Leggings: CAbi, $89 (yikes) | Boots: Steve Madden via Amazon, $33

    I wore this outfit to work today. I’m never sure if leggings at work are appropriate. I figure pairing them with a longer top and tall boots makes it A-OK (I hope). Can you believe how much I spent on these leggings? I can’t. I do have to admit, the quality is amazing. The fabric is super thick and never gets stretched out of shape in the knees. Also, you can’t see in these pictures, but they have some cool seaming that makes them look a bit like riding pants.

    This outfit has been my go to outfit this winter for many occasions. Why:

    • It’s a reason to wear what’s my favorite $5 belt as seen here, and here.
    • I love a good cowl neck.
    • This outfit is proof you can wear black and brown together. I’ve never followed this rule and think black and brown actually look great together!
    • It’s super comfortable, almost nearly pajama comfortable.
  4. Bargain: Black & White

    Shirt: Old Navy, $8 | Scarf: ?? | Belt: Came w/ a dress Pants: Express, $15 | Shoes: Calvin Klein via Macy’s, $20

    January’s Everybody Everywear challenge is wearing all black and white. I thought I’d give it a shot and put together this ensemble for work today. AND, this outfit also conquers something that scares me, pattern mixing! This is a pretty simple outfit, but there are a few exciting highlights (at least to me) I want to share:

    • Whoaa, is that pattern mixing going on here? Yes, yes it is!
    • When the cold weather arrived I thought I might have to stop posting outfits. Why? Well, these are my default “it’s too cold to wear a skirt pants”. Who wants to see the same pair of pants everyday? I’m proud to say this post marks my blog’s debut of these pants. 
    • Rather than gravitating to one of my favorite/over worn tops (so easy to do), I opted for this less worn polka dot top. As silly as it sounds, I pushed myself to dress outside my comfort zone….it’s the little things :)

    These posts are starting to look like my work emails — I love using bullet points!

  5. Bargain: Not Great Photos, but Great Outfit

    Long Sleeve T: Banana Republic, $6 | Wrap Sweater: Macy’s, $11 | Belt: Marshall’s, $5 | Skirt: Express, $15 | Shoes: Calvin Klein via Macy’s, $20

    Sometimes this outfit photo taking thing just doesn’t work out, and today was one of those days! Can you tell? It’s amazing how many shots I may have to take to get a decent one. Today was exceptionally difficult from the lighting, to shoes being in the way everywhere, to my awkward hand in the third photo, and to be being really hungry and thinking about my home-made pizza in the oven. In this last photo I’m looking around to clear more shoes out of the shot! Someone must have thrown shoes all around our place while we were at work.

    Good photos or not, I’m really loving this outfit. Why?

    • I love the angles the sweater creates at the bottom when wrapped.
    • These argyle-ish patterned tights.
    • Typically, I pair pencil skirts with a top, tucked in. Wearing a long top over a pencil skirt is new for me. For some reason, it made me feel extra dressed up and elegant today!

    A few days ago someone asked if I live near an outlet mall. I actually don’t have any outlets right nearby. I just love really scouring clearance racks and have developed the habit of never paying full price for clothing!

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