1. Bargain: Black & White

    Shirt: Old Navy, $8 | Scarf: ?? | Belt: Came w/ a dress Pants: Express, $15 | Shoes: Calvin Klein via Macy’s, $20

    January’s Everybody Everywear challenge is wearing all black and white. I thought I’d give it a shot and put together this ensemble for work today. AND, this outfit also conquers something that scares me, pattern mixing! This is a pretty simple outfit, but there are a few exciting highlights (at least to me) I want to share:

    • Whoaa, is that pattern mixing going on here? Yes, yes it is!
    • When the cold weather arrived I thought I might have to stop posting outfits. Why? Well, these are my default “it’s too cold to wear a skirt pants”. Who wants to see the same pair of pants everyday? I’m proud to say this post marks my blog’s debut of these pants. 
    • Rather than gravitating to one of my favorite/over worn tops (so easy to do), I opted for this less worn polka dot top. As silly as it sounds, I pushed myself to dress outside my comfort zone….it’s the little things :)

    These posts are starting to look like my work emails — I love using bullet points!

  2. Bargain: Not Great Photos, but Great Outfit

    Long Sleeve T: Banana Republic, $6 | Wrap Sweater: Macy’s, $11 | Belt: Marshall’s, $5 | Skirt: Express, $15 | Shoes: Calvin Klein via Macy’s, $20

    Sometimes this outfit photo taking thing just doesn’t work out, and today was one of those days! Can you tell? It’s amazing how many shots I may have to take to get a decent one. Today was exceptionally difficult from the lighting, to shoes being in the way everywhere, to my awkward hand in the third photo, and to be being really hungry and thinking about my home-made pizza in the oven. In this last photo I’m looking around to clear more shoes out of the shot! Someone must have thrown shoes all around our place while we were at work.

    Good photos or not, I’m really loving this outfit. Why?

    • I love the angles the sweater creates at the bottom when wrapped.
    • These argyle-ish patterned tights.
    • Typically, I pair pencil skirts with a top, tucked in. Wearing a long top over a pencil skirt is new for me. For some reason, it made me feel extra dressed up and elegant today!

    A few days ago someone asked if I live near an outlet mall. I actually don’t have any outlets right nearby. I just love really scouring clearance racks and have developed the habit of never paying full price for clothing!

  3. Bargain: $3 Pashmina

    Shirt: Express, $12 | Pashmina: Target, $3 | Skirt: Gap, $8 | Shoes: Nine West via Marshall’s, $10

    I’ve started something here that’s going to be difficult to stop. What is it? Gray tights that make my legs look like alien legs? No. Standing on a bench? No. Flats rather than heels? No. Pashmina keeping me sooooo cozy and warm? Yes, and there’s no turning back now. After just one day of pashmina coziness my neck is going to feel cold and naked without one…..until at least April.

    So, time to go finish my scarf/cowl because I’m going to need lots of scarves, pashminas, and cowls to get through the winter!

  4. Bargain: Crazy Leopard Print Shirt

    Shirt: Old Navy, $8 | Belt: Gap, $5 | Skirt: Express, $15 | Shoes: Payless, $10

    I recently went on a little shopping spree. Don’t worry, I only spent about $53 and there was a giftcard involved so I guess you could consider that cheating. Either way, I scored some pretty good deals. Maybe I’ll do a shopping spree post tomorrow.

    Anyway, my shopping goal was to choose some patterned pieces. I’ve realized my feared pattern mixing is almost impossible to achieve because my closet is patternless! This shirt is one of the pieces from my trip and it’s pretty crazy for me. Wow, I’m wearing a leopard pattern and it’s not even an accessory, it’s a shirt and it’s close to my face! Obviously, there’s no pattern mixing going on here, gotta ease into these things.

    Step 1 = acquire some patterned clothing. Step 2 = wear patterns (in public, not just in my apartment). Step 3 = attempt pattern mixing.

    We’ll see how long it takes me to figure step 3 out! Any pattern mixing advice is welcome!

  5. Bargain: Pattern Mixing

    Shirt: Ann Taylor, $11 | Pants: Express, $25 | Shoes: SE Boutique via Filene’s Basement, $17 | Necklace: ??

    I’ve been wanting to try mixing patterns. I love the way it looks on other people, but it terrifies me on myself! I realize you might be looking at these pictures wondering where the pattern mixing is. Well, look very closely. Notice it yet? Yes, I’m wearing pinstripe patterned pants and snakeskin patterned flats. Maybe this doesn’t count to you, but I I’m going to have to conquer pattern mixing in baby steps!

    Nothing too exciting about this outfit, but there are few things I love about it:

    1. The super soft and cozy material of this shirt. If you haven’t caught on, I love pajama soft clothing!
    2. The slight puff shoulder detail, making something a simple top a little different.
    3. The knot I tied in my necklace. Ever feel like long necklaces are looking all awkward? Just tie a knot, it does wonders.
    4. Snake skin patterned shoes. I think that’s all I have to say here.

    My giveaway is open until this Sunday! Don’t forget to check it out and enter to win something made by me!

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