1. Monday, February 13, 2012

    Bargain: Neon is Back!

    Sweater: Story below! | Long Sleeve T: Banana Republic, $6 | Scarf: Gift | Jeans: Levis via Macy’s, $20 | Boots: Steve Madden via Amazon, $33 | Purse: Cynthia Rowley via Marshall’s, $49

    Neon is back and I’m totally embracing it! I wore this sweater over the weekend and laughed about how it came to live in my closet the entire time I was wearing it…..

    A few weeks ago I was at my in-law’s hanging out in the kitchen with my sis in law and niece. My mother in law emerged from a room holding this sweater. This is the conversation we had:

    Mother in Law: Do either of you want this sweater? I don’t think I’ll wear it.

    Sis in Law (with strawberry blond hair): I don’t think it will really work for me.

    …Everyone looks at me. I’m still shocked by how bright the sweater is. So, I turn to my adorable one year old nice and ask:

    Me: What do you think? Will this color look good on me?

    Adorable Niece: Yeah! (then she giggles. Adorable niece thought it was pretty funny).

    And, that’s how I walked away with this sweater.  Oh, did I mention that adorable niece has 4 favorites words? They are: yeah, doggie, baby, and bye bye. I figured I had a one in four shot. The sweater was either going to get rejected by a bye bye, go to me with a yeah, or the baby nephew or doggie would score a neon sweater. I bet the doggie is jealous.

    Oh, here’s a second purse from my collection. I found this in the clearance section of Marshall’s a few weeks ago for $49! Who can say no to Cynthia Rowley for $49??

  2. Tuesday, January 24, 2012

    Bargain: Tie-Dye or Animal Print?

    Dress: Ann Taylor, $20 | Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft, $10 | Belt: Kensie via Marshall’s, $3 | Boots: Steve Madden via Amazon, $33

    Ever pull on a new pair of tights for the first time and have your foot go right through the end? No, I didn’t tear through these tights, but apparently bought footless tights. I should have known from the obvious footless picture on the package. Sort of like at the grocery store when I think I’m buying a jar of plain tomato sauce, but when I get home I have a jar of basil/mushroom/meat/garlic/jalepeno sauce. Someone must switch these things on me.

    This dress was an amazing steal at Ann Taylor. The original price was $169 and I picked it up on final sale for $20! I really like the pattern, but am not sure if it’s tie-dye, animal print, or what.

    It’s only Tuesday and I’m already looking forward to the weekend. My husband is a musician (have I mentioned he’s way cooler than I am?) and has two shows with his band this weekend. So, lot’s of fun to come with good music, family, and friends. Check them out if you want!

  3. Thursday, January 19, 2012

    Bargain: $5 Belt & Expensive Leggings

    Sweater: Ann Taylor, $15 | Long Sleeve T: ?? | Belt: Macy’s, $5 | Leggings: CAbi, $89 (yikes) | Boots: Steve Madden via Amazon, $33

    I wore this outfit to work today. I’m never sure if leggings at work are appropriate. I figure pairing them with a longer top and tall boots makes it A-OK (I hope). Can you believe how much I spent on these leggings? I can’t. I do have to admit, the quality is amazing. The fabric is super thick and never gets stretched out of shape in the knees. Also, you can’t see in these pictures, but they have some cool seaming that makes them look a bit like riding pants.

    This outfit has been my go to outfit this winter for many occasions. Why:

    • It’s a reason to wear what’s my favorite $5 belt as seen here, and here.
    • I love a good cowl neck.
    • This outfit is proof you can wear black and brown together. I’ve never followed this rule and think black and brown actually look great together!
    • It’s super comfortable, almost nearly pajama comfortable.
  4. Wednesday, November 30, 2011

    Bargain: Sweatshirts at Work

    Shirt: J.Crew, $15 | Skirt: Old Navy, $6 | Boots: Steve Madden, $20

    Guess what? This shirt is actually a sweatshirt. Wearing fitted sweatshirts to work = awesome and comfortable. Thank you J.Crew for creating such things.

    I threw on the necklace I made earlier this week and I’m really enjoying the contrast of the fancy tahitian pearls with the casual sweatshirt material. Same goes for the tights.

    Never fail fashion tip? Stick to a basic outfit and throw in some fun accessories. The fun accessories pop against the basic outfit and the basic outfit looks perfectly clean against the fun accessories. Everyone wins!

  5. Thursday, October 20, 2011

    Bargain: Too Much Black?

    Dress: Target, $8 | Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft, $10 | Belt: ? | Shoes: Steve Madden via Filene’s Basement, $15

    There are some days where I just want to wear all black and today was one of those days. Black can be pretty sleek looking and a fun and fool proof way to incorporate some accessories. That’s what I did here with this plaid belt, diamond pattern tights, and new ankle boots from my shopping spree.

    I’m admit, I’m tired today. We spent the day at work talking about our CRM system, which makes my brain melt. But, good news, tomorrow is friday!

    Anyone else experiencing an end of the week brain melt?

  6. Wednesday, October 19, 2011

    Bargain: Shopping Spree

    Yesterday I mentioned my recent shopping spree where I only spent $53…today I want to share my bargains with you!

    The Filene’s Basement in the Northshore Mall is closing, which is very sad because it’s a store I’ve been shopping at for years. I have such great finds from the now closed Downtown Crossing location. It was an actual basement and full of sketchiness, but amazing. According to Filene’s Basement, they are “where the bargains were born,” so I fit right in.

    The only good thing about the store closing is everything is on sale. I scored two pairs of shoes for just $32!

    These gray Steve Madden ankle boots for $15 and…

    These neutral Report flats for $17.

    I also had a $50 Old Navy giftcard. I originally ordered a bunch of things online, but didn’t like most of it when it arrived. So, this past weekend I visited a store to do some exchanging.

    I’m really impressed with some of Old Navy’s current stock! There are some cute and pretty decent quality pieces worth checking out. You may think having a giftcard was cheating, but I’m still impressed with all the prices and how far I stretched $50. I came home with…

    This fun polka dot shirt. It’s a little scary looking on the hanger, but so cute on. I’m glad I gave it a try and it was only $8.

    A sort of 80’s striped knit top, only $7.

    This blouse worn here for $11.

    My crazy leopard shirt, $8.

    A cute sleeveless belted cardigan/wrap, $10.

    This great military style jacket I’ve been wearing all week, just $20.

    I guess my original math wasn’t accurate, looks like I only spent $46!

    I am now banning myself from shopping until after the holidays, I have plenty of clothes to work with!

    Anyone been on a shopping spree recently? Get anything exciting?

  7. Wednesday, September 7, 2011

    Bargain: H&M Dress & $50 Outfit

    Dress: H&M, $10 | Belt: Marshall’s $5 | Shoes: Steve Madden Luxe via DSW, $30 | Necklace: Filene’s Basement, $5

    No, it’s not sunny in my part of Boston today…I admit this outfit is from last week and I never got around to posting it. I’m happy I had this in my “drafts” because this week has been rainy and I haven’t mastered taking pictures inside our apartment. I need to figure out the indoor lighting thing because so far I have a bunch of horrible indoor pictures! How am I going to keep up with this blog through the winter when it’s too cold to take pictures outside?? I guess I’ll have to do more food posts.

    I remember the day I bought this dress at H&M…I came home with 3 dresses for $30! Each dress is great quality for H&M and fully lined. I may have mentioned this before, but it drives me crazy when blazers and dresses like this are not lined.

    I changed my nail polish for fall. It’s Essie’s Merino Cool and I love it more than I have ever loved any other nail polish color. I’ve actually never become attached to a nail polish color, so this is a first for me.

    I’ve decided I’d like to start thrifting. I already have the bargain piece down and like the idea of finding some unique pieces at thrift shops. Any Boston people out there have any suggestions on where to go??

  8. Wednesday, August 17, 2011

    Bargain: Where Did I Get This Skirt??

    T-Shirt: Gap, $6 | Skirt: ?? I can’t remember! | Necklace: Gift | Shoes: Steve Madden Luxe via DSW, $30

    First, take a look at the right side over there under “About Me” to see something new. I’m getting pretty high tech here. If you want, follow me on Bloglovin’ or “like” me on facebook to keep up with my posts. You know, it will make me feel good about myself and also prove that I’ve built in the code for these widgets correctly :) I really wish the bloglovin’ logo would align left, it’s been driving me crazy.

    Anyway, during my last closet clean out I considered getting rid of this skirt. It went back and forth between the donate and keep piles and I’m sure it has some sort of complex due to my indecisiveness. I kept it and ended up hemming it about 3” to bring it just above my knees and took in the waist so it sits a little higher. I’ve had this skirt for years (probably 6) and have no idea where I got it. I think it’s safe to say I’ve gotten my money’s worth on this one. Funny, yesterday I looked pretty modern, today I time traveled and am looking a little Betty Draper-ish.

    While I don’t particularly enjoy running, I do enjoy the scenery of my running routes. Here are a few shots from my run the other night (yeah, maybe I stopped running to take these).

    1) Sidewalks with crazy overgrown plants everywhere. They remind me of the wait for the Tower of Terror at Disney World. You know, when the line is so long you have to wait part of the time outside with all the crazy plants? Anyone know what I’m talking about?

    2) Old buildings with cool details like a lion head. Sorry, this is a little blurry.

    3) Gorgeous houses like this. I want one. Anyone have $3 million to lend me?

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